I thought you might want to have it until you get her back.

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so stay with me

and hold me tight

and dance

like it’s the last night of the world

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Freshman year:


Senior year:


About to start my junior year and…. this is accurate. Scarily. Freaking. Accurate. 

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Hockey Wiki Pages: Alex Edler

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I understand that there will be huge changes in my life. It’s exciting to be having a child. The guys on the team have congratulated me and a lot of them already have children, so it’s good to have to have those guys with experience around me.

My girlfriend, Amanda, is expecting in mid-August. It’s nice that it’s before the season starts, so that I can be there in the beginning. It will be tougher for her when I’m gone a lot. —Alex Edler (+)
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hockey is more enjoyable if you pretend they’re fighting over the world’s last oreo

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A trio of Mariuses and Enjolrai suffer from a mic shortage at Les Misérables Japan {x}

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baby canucks go water rafting

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"I Dreamed a Dream" - Melissa O’Neil (u/s Fantine)
July 8, 2014

Melissa’s Fantine debut. She sounds like she’s holding back a little, and she seemed a bit nervous, but I was still pretty bowled over by her performance.

She’s a much sadder Fantine than Caissie. Caissie seems a little tougher. a little stronger. When the factory girls start attacking her, Caissie jumps to the defense angrily, Melissa looked so hurt and pained and then seemed like she just lashed out and immediately regretted it.

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This one deserves its own post.

why have charming and cinderella snatched one of merida’s brothers up?

Alice looks like she’s re-living the rabbit hole

Oh my god they covered Flynn’s nose

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