The year is 151441. Humanity is on it’s last string of life. Food is scarce. The last bottle of maple syrup has expired. Hope is dying fast.

the canadians have fallen

the canadians have fallen


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no fear, no regrets
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The Sedins complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Daniel & Henrik’s tiebreaker ends in a tie (+)

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alex edler and his dog!!

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Henrik & Daniel proving that they have some creepy twin telepathy shit going on (x)

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"He will live again in freedom in the garden of The Lord."

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Sedin VS Sedin Trophy presentation: (x)

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The world lost someone important three years ago today. Gone but certainly not forgotten. Rest in peace, Rick. #ryp37

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minimalist nhl captains (insp by various tumblr posts i forgot to bookmark)
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Shout out to Carlos Benavides, the coffee guy for the animators of Disney’s Frozen

You go, Carlos.

fan base for carlos

Carlos rocks

die hard Carlos fan right here

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favorite moviesHairspray (2007)

"This is America, babe. You gotta think big to be big."

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[a human sacrifice at the altar of your sacred badge…] 

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thinking of rick rypien today.

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